Welcome to EncoreDirectory.com!

Written by LizErvin. Posted in Articles

Encore has finally made the transition to online only after serving the production industry since 1988, with the printed version.  Not only is this environmentally friendly it allows for constantly updated information. 

The site also has a search feature to easily find the resource you require quickly. Yes, there is a mobile version too for those on the go or on location. Please let me know if there are any suggestions you have or any production related categories you would like to see added.

Liz-on-SetWe are all so lucky to work in an industry that we love, with people we care for. Every day is different (that is a given) and the constant challenges keep us going. I sometimes wonder if it is normal to work 12-14 hours days, and then I realized YES it is. Maybe I suffer from undiagnosed Stockholm syndrome, where I sympathize with my captors. 

Often we cannot make up the situations that arise on shoots.  You can prepare all you want, cross those t’s, dot those i’s and then BAM! Something that could never be anticipated happens.  (i.e. a transportation guy banging his head so hard on a low hanging branch that he is knocked out). Oh boy, now what do we do?  The day just started. Of course seek medical help for him, but back to us.

More on that later with stories from the trenches.  Please share and submit any production stories you would like to see published here.  We would love to hear from you.Be sure to visit Encore’s sister site PacificLocationSeach.com to aid in all your location needs.

Now get out there and shoot! 

--Liz Ervin